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Nigeria’s Falz released his video for ‘Girls’ and somehow we didn’t realize Accra was going to be at the heart of the video. This track ‘Girls’ is an upbeat song vibrant song ft Patoranking. Off the top of my head I recognized scene shot at the La Raceway where dancers spewed onto a balcony in mismatched outfits. Ghana Berlin Connect is also one of the locations that grants cultural relevance to the visual and of course, the black star prominently resting on the wall is hard to miss. A few other favorite scenes were of dancers, monochrome, kicking off frothy water against a fantasy pink lit hallway. 

There are many things about the video I liked, particularly the director’s perspective and use of space. Falz himself is a great performer. His delivery on this track is light and flows nicely with Patoranking’s lines. 

This is a certified club hit for the Christmas season. The fact that the video was shot entirely in Accra, makes me quite gay and adds a layer of excitement to the song, which has a memorable hook. 

Watch the video for yourself below…