By now you’ve heard Medikal’s ‘Omo Ada’ everywhere and seen Instagram dance video compilations, including wedding dance-offs and clothe-shedding party crazies. Thankfully, the latest release by the artiste isn’t suffocating yet, the catchy sing along chorus will last a few more months before we can’t bear to hear it; worn out and over-used.

In a refreshing twist, Medikal features Shatta Wale on the most anticipated video of the year.

To put things in perspective, Medikal has had to explain himself, rebut allegations of cheating while assuring his new girlfriend turned Fiance, Fella Makafui of his love. In the process, he’s released a couple of dis tracks in response to ex-girlfriend Sister Derby’s Kakalika Love.

This drama seems to be settling, with Medikal ‘moving on’ to new tracks and collaborations. Fans were stoked to see the visual interpretation of ‘Omo Ada’ directed by Yaw Skyface. The video paints a grime story rife with zombies, a visibly plagued Fella Makafui, who at some point is pried off zombie hands. Shatta Wale mumbles a few lines and the video ends on an explosive note, literally.

The concept itself, is a nice veering off twerking big butt, cars, money – the staples of music videos but that was pretty much all it had going. A brilliant idea that left us underwhelmed and far from blown away. We could excuse the distasteful fake blood and badly choreographed moves, perhaps Fella Makafui could use a few dance lessons, the lighting could have been more convincing…

Anyhow, this ambitious video delivered on the dance everyone wanted to see (palms clasped to the cheeks simulating sleep) but failed to rival the production efforts, technical genius and visual competence rife on the African scene lately.

Perhaps are we looking at the video too critically and raining on fans’ parade? Maybe we should sit back and enjoy the primitive work (no offense, it must undoubtedly have required some efforts, also it’s not Skyface’s best work) presented in Medikal – Omo Ada (Remix) ft Shatta Wale & Fella Makafui

Watch video below