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PappyKojo is back in town and this is how we know – fans are stalking him online, marking calendar’s off for his every performance and ripping clothes when he mounts the stage. His appearance at Crusade 3 was like the very coming of Christ, swift, acute and fans weren’t ready! Raptured in pure ecstasy and bliss, fans moved, hypnotic.

By the time Sarkodie’s Rapperholic came rolling, both fans and Pappy couldn’t wait. Taking us back to why we love him, Pappy delivered his 2014 hit Realer No, oozing energy, rousing the crowd with Joey B next to him.

What’s most interesting about PappyKojo is his demeanor offstage, connecting with his fans in a most open and honest way. Watch the full video here; BTS and highlights of his Rapperholic 2018 performance.