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It’s 2020. Aerial shots reveal an unfolding chaotic scene. Nigerians run, with nowhere to go. Droids fly over, spraying bullets. VO reads ‘The government has failed us.’

Fast forward 2049, a young boy wakes, dazed. He discovers a robotic arm. Behind him, the changing cityscape reveals buildings designed by robot intruders. The young boy looks about him, trying to make sense of his surroundings. 

‘Stay down or I’ll shoot you!’ 

‘Stay down!’

The voice barks instructions repeatedly, pointing a loaded gun to robot boy’s head… vision blurred…robot boy passes out..

This is Generation Z, one of many futuristic sci-fi short films created by a group of eight Nigerian teens (Critics Company)  from Kaduna. A city North of Nigeria, which is often associated with attacks from terrorist groups.