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In this episode of No Awam Podcast, T. Sangari and Lora Akati talk to Sister Derby about everything from growing up in Accra to earning her degrees at KNUST and moving to London for Masters. Sister Derby talks about her love for animals, marine biology, living plastic free amongst others.

Later, she reflects on her relationship with rapper, Medikal, saying ‘Medikal has always expressed his gratitude to her’ because she has been instrumental in his life and particularly in his career as a rapper. She also recalls the point in her life when she made the decision to come back home to Ghana- the highs and lows and eventual success as an artiste.

No Awam Podcast is as real as it says! It is an entertainment and lifestyle podcast relevant to our culture, hosted by Kwaku-T, T. Sangari and Lora Akati.

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