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Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale has recently declared on a Radio Show that the only woman one can find in his Movement is Shatta Michy. This came as a surprise to many fans, who were under the impression that the two “Gangsters” had departed ways following posts they both shared on social media last April. Even if Shatta Michy wrote, “Single and free from oppression” on her IG status, this is not to be taken literally. According to the “King”, the relationship is still going on with the “Queen”, and both are “very sweetly happy”. 

Shatta likes insisting on the fact that Michy knew him from nowhere, and decided to stay with him when he was nothing. He wants people to know that, though they go through ups and down, they love each other. Shatta even revealed that a new collaboration with his queen is coming out soon, and “it is crazy”. He said, ” She feels shy of me when we are in the studio, and sometimes when she feels shy I just kiss her someway, you know. I have a way I use my tongue in her lips like hmm…every thing just set. I think I need to be doing it more…The next one (Song) you hear, you will love it…I have a title…She is writing a lyrics on that…So people should watch out for something.”