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Beyonce’s Lion King Album was nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album at the 62nd Grammy Awards. As we all know, ‘Already’ a track which features Shatta Wale, produced by Guilty Beatz is a favorite on the album. Essentially, Shatta Wale has just received his first ever Grammy nominations but Ghanaians wouldn’t let him marinate in this new found success.

If anything, bloggers such as Ameyaw Debrah have dismissed his success on account of ‘Already’ being a  Beyonce song and not a Shatta Wale body of work which stands on its on two feet and has been nominated for such. I think this is fickle and borders on the argument that features are vestigial on the grand scale of things which is rather unfortunate. How is it not obvious that Shatta Wale’s style compliments Already? And when we walk away from the content, the actual sound, Shatta Wale has a cult following Beyonce could make use of in her attempt to create sound that permeates the African continent.

Perhaps it is time bloggers started being responsible for their thoughts and making an effort to temper noise with knowledge.It is well deserved, Shatta Wale, and rightly so agrees to Fuse ODG