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As the popular saying goes, ‘If you can’t take the heat, get the fuck out da kitchen’. I know many Ghanaians (to whom it may concern) are high tailing through the back door as we speak. This record is reminiscent of putting out a fire with gasoline. If it was a carnivorous meal, the Sarkcess CEO certainly served Ghanaian society with a rare taste of a reality check, cooking up his version of black excellence and what it means to him.

We’re all aware of the self-proclaimed ‘fastest rapper’s’ staccato flow. He doesn’t disappoint on this track. Our society has taken an extreme turn towards materialism and excess verging on decadence and the artist goes all out to highlight various instances of these extremities. From individuals who don’t have the means to live a certain lifestyle but do so by any means necessary, to the so called ‘slay queens’ who are influenced by their peers to sell themselves short for cheap thrills.

Similar to the violent reaction that occurs when spilling water into scorching hot oil in a frying pan, Sarkodie vehemently attacks social vices that have grown rampant mitigating against the growth of our people. Although he doesn’t mention names, anyone that is familiar with present-day ‘Generation Z’ if the cap fits no one has to tell you it was designed with your name onit…. You know who you are. From pastor to politician to fraudster to local boys boys and girls, everybody’s gettin’ it. No One is exempt.

This record is very cleverly articulated using verbal imagery so vivid unless you live under a rock, you’ve either heard about or witnessed some of these scenarios play out feely feely. The use of one of His Excellency President Nana Addo Akuffo-Addo’s speeches as a bridge could be seen by some as bootlicking to gain political favour yet this president’s public speeches has been one of the most courageous and forward-looking since the times of His Excellency JJ Rawlings. Thus, regardless of the motive, he still stays cleverly winning!!

Most would agree that the artist’s delivery in English can sound a bit forced and not as flattering in comparison to when he goes hard in vernacular. However, for the purpose of the message this record projects, he creates a solid equilibrium between the two. 

Some may say mimicking a Jay-Zesque approach, from time to time he has the panache for taking a break from his usual party style Hip Life to drop a record that may appear a tad self-righteous but…. He ain’t lie!! Neither is he claiming to be exempt although it may appear so. He’s frank, honest and telling the hard truth few want to hear as it is a tramol, pill and bottle popping buzz kill that forces everyone to look in the mirror and examine themselves for who they currently really are.

Unfortunately, because of the uncomfortable nature of the truths in this song like the others that have preceded it, although it is a socially conscious lyrical culinary work of art, it is likely to go overlooked, given that, in the mediocrity we currently live in, ‘Black Excellence’ can never thrive.

Kwaku-T, Director of Programming