RJZ is one of seven members of the urban collective of Artists – La Meme Gang. If you already knew this, great! Means that you probably also understand the individual dynamics of the group and can appreciate RJZ’s  quirky style and delivery which sets him apart. 

In June this year, he released Bye Bye, a solemn love story riding on a repetitive mid-tempo beat familiar to Ghanaians, in what RJZ describes as a dirge. This track is arguably RJZ’s most viewed solo project. His choice of Albino models increased awareness to the condition and propelled the sing even further.

Months later, the artist drops a fun-seeking, light, vibrant afropop song ‘Hello Daddy’  accompanied by colorful visuals which he released less than 2 hours ago. Director Henry Akrong did a fantastic job with the colors on set with subtle references to early-mid 90s. The director juxtposes colorful scenes with a grainy film black and white filter, scenes I didn’t care much for.  What struck me was, the underlying theme of juxtaposition I perceived in Hello Daddy and Bye Bye, which feels worlds apart from each other and is one of the things I have come to admire about RJZ, his dexterity. 

However, I can’t help but notice how unlikely it is that this track would be replayed without the visuals. Without the visuals the song is strtipped thin and wibbles on its own legs. Will it grow on you after repeated radio plays? Perhaps. Personally, I wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to it. I do appreciate the brilliance behind the video and RJZ’s fearlessness when it comes to creating sounds that aren’t typically associated with him.  He features Kwesi Arthur on this track and was produced by Uche B