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It is no secret, La Même Gang is the post-modern version of the classic hiphop group; Wu-Tang Clan. Their flag, unique style, versatility and unified act all echo Wu. They even have a producer/rapper (Nxrth) as a member. Wu has RZA aka Bobby Digital.

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La Meme Tape II – Linksters Cover

Watching them perform at the Crusade 3 brought the nostalgic feeling of my first Wu concert in New York. The mostly ragtag male crowd running helter-skelter leaking onto the stage shouting “Mad-Op” !!! at the expense of their lungs reminded me of Wu fans shouting C.R.E.A.M.

La Même’s T Shirt has ‘Free the Youth’ boldly emblazoned on the front. This is exactly what they’re doing with their message, sound and energy. The camaraderie amongst them is glaring when they’re on stage. Wu-Tang freed the youth of their generation by taking them on a journey to the east. Freeing the youth from the stereotypical constraints of drug, sex and money laced lyrics in hip hop music

Although they are yet to rival the success of Wu, I can assuredly say that it is just a matter of time. They brought the house unto their feet opening for Sarkodie at Rapperholic this year, they had R2bees, Joey B, Pappykojo and King Promise perform at the Crusade 3. They topped the Apple Music Ghana chart twice with both releases of their compilations. They’ve featured on songs with all of the previously mentioned acts.

Ghana is at their mercy, what’s left is the rest of the world. Watch out for ‘The Linksters’ !