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Released on May 5 this year, “This is America” by Childish Gambino which now has more than 300 million views on Youtube, tries to expose the harsh realities faced currently by US citizens. Among many challenges, the artist speaks of racism against black Americans, and police violence in the US.  
Africa too has its host of problems and many artists have been using music and art to address them for centuries. However, something is different now: Gambino seems to have set a trend with his video’s style. Let’s look at 7 artists in Africa who have used Gambino’s style to protest against the ill realities in their countries. 1- Falz (Nigeria)
2- Wanlov kubolor ( Ghana)
3- Jovislash (South Africa)
4- CRYspy (Cameroon)
5-  Xzu-B (Sierra Leone)
6- Don Bigg (Morocco)
7- Igizadance Crew (Kenya)
It seems all these African versions have similar issues; corruption, lack of education, insecurity and favoritism.