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The lyrics video for Balance is out and we can’t help but drool over all the BTS footage that came along!  We’re taken behind the infamous Joey B gym scene, as a very steady hand sprays what looks like water on a well-cut Joey B, who flexes his muscles and throws a couple of ‘air punches’.

Scenes with Nshona Music also makes its way into the cut and fans are offered a more in-depth wholesome look at PappyKojo’s ‘Balance’ inside-out.

So far, ‘Balance’ has been the most streamed song since its release early this year with multiple radio replay like a virus that just won’t go away. It is no surprise that fans jumped on the Balance Workout Challenge, eager to be a part of the energy encapsulated in this firecracker of a song.

The lyrics video offers yet another dimension and a new way to enjoy our favorite ‘Balance’ track. Watch the full video below….