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More than 44 millions of people around the globe watched the world cup hosted by Russia this year, where France received the trophy, after beating Croatia 4-2 in regular time.  Although Africans’ expectations were high, the whole pack could not make it beyond the group stage. The whole continent got sad, but that was just for a short period. What started as a joke on social media has become an important topic of discussion among football fans: Is France the sixth African team in the World Cup ?

As a matter of fact, more than half of “Les Bleus”  have their roots in Africa. This has divided fans on what the meaning could possibly be. On one hand, we have those who think that the French team is still African, on the other hand, we have those who think that it is the team of France with French players.

Speaking about the matter on TV5 Monde, former Cameroonian player Francois Omam Biyik, who also has a French nationality was a bit diplomatic about his approach. He acknowledged the fact that most of the players in Deschamp’ squad can trace their origins back to Africa. However, he also insisted on the fact that, this is the French team, not an African team. He said, ” I’m not going to take away the joy African supporters have because of a sixth team, but above all, it is the team of France. Africa had five qualified countries and we could not go beyond the first stage. Therefore we need to let the French enjoy…”