Bunny Chow

Country: South Africa

The popular South African dish satisfies bread and meat lovers alike, with it’s curry goodness served inside a hollowed loaf.

Doro Wat

Country: Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s star chicken dish, cooked with clarified butter and jam packed with spiced herbs.

“It’s such amazing dish to ever indulge in.”—Mozi

“It’s popular for holidays and events


Country: Ethiopia

This tasty vegetarian dish consists of lentils, beats, spiced greens and a combination of other tasty vegetables, and is served with injera, of course. It’s best shared.


Country: Ethiopia

Kitfo is a spiced raw beef dish, seasoned with traditional Ethiopian spices like mitmita (a chili powder blend) and niter kibbeh (clarified butter with herbs).

Caldeirada de Cabrito

Countries: Angola, Mozambique

This hearty goat meat and potato stew is eaten on special occasions like Angolan Independence Day. It’s often seasoned with onion, garlic, bell peppers and a dash of Piri Piri sauce.