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It will rain blessings tomorrow as we exclusively premier the video of PappyKojo’s latest single ‘Blessing’ on Afreetune. It will be the first time the world hears and sees the genius contained in this feel-good song.

‘Blessing’ is PappyKojo’s latest single featuring La Meme Gang’s Spacely directed by Creature’s Tee Sanagari and produced by NOVA. It’s a song about love as is the theme of Pappy’s Logos II album. In the video, we see PappyKojo singing to this one-of -a-kind girl about how he feels whiles Spacely interjects with a catchy chorus, holding out his arm to a dark beautiful model.

PappyKojo continues to challenge our ideas of afrobeats, performing quirky fante rap songs with a dynamic flow – line after line, in quick succession and at times slowed down enough to sing along to this banger.

It’s an exciting time for the music scene in Ghana with the influx of young artistes exploring the intricacies and depths of afrobeats with a pioneering artiste like PappyKojo who has been relentless in his pursuit of music and of personal growth. He has been open about struggles with depression and continues to foster a more intimate connection with his fans.

We are ecstatic about ‘Blessing’ and the fact that we get the rare chance to witness the making of a legend – of Ghana’s only rock star whose effervescent personality endears all to him.

Join us for the world premier of ‘Blessing’ on 12th April, 2019.