It is not a secret anymore, some Pastors nowadays are moving around with bodyguards, and this is one of the areas where they get criticised. Critics usually refer to Jesus in the Bible, saying that he was not having any bodyguard even if his people were living under Roman Rule. Jesus’s disciples, though persecuted, were moving around without Bodyguards. However, today, even the Pope has an army protecting him.

In Ghana, Rev Isaac Owusu Bempah has given reasons why men of God (Pastors) must have bodyguards. According to him, Pastors are exposed because of their work and therefore need protection. He even argued that Jesus’s disciples were his Bodyguards, they were even armed to protect him. For that, he quoted John 18:10 which talks about the night Jesus was arrested.

Biblically there are few verses one could quote to dismiss Rev Owusu’s argument such as Deuteronomy 3:22; Jeremiah 17: 5-6; Hebrews 13:6. Moreover Looking at the parallel of Jesus and his disciples (Bodyguards) one could think that Rev. Owusu (because he certainly does not speak for all Pastors in Ghana) is a kind of “General” with many bodyguards (church members).


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