Earlier this month, Nigerian rapper Burna Boy collaborated with the American DJ duo, DJDS, for heir joint ep, Steel and Copper. This project comes less than a month before Burna Boy is scheduled to perform at Coachella – one of the largest American music festivals. Burna Boy, self described as an African Giant, is making his musical mark outside of the continent as well.

Steel and Copper consists of just 4 songs; 34, Innocent Man, Darko and Thuggin. This EP may be short but in typical Burna fashion, it’s full of lively, catchy songs that are sure to be played on repeat in parties and clubs. The title of the project sets the mood for the music itself, with harder grittier tracks than we are used to getting with Burna Songs like Thuggin, has more of an American rap vibe than Burna Boy’s typical afrobeats style.

Though this sound is new for him, the EP fails to stand out because it drowns in a sea of similar music being made on the global scene. Burna Boy has always made mainstream dance music so it would be wrong to say he’s selling out, but something about this EP has us wondering whether he’s  pandering to Western music tastes. When the Coachella lineup originally came out, Burna Boy was outraged at the font size of his name on the flyer, which was also placed behind artists who have a much smaller following than him. This incident could be a catalyst for the sound of this EP.

Steel and Copper remains a solid project with excellent production by DJDS and catchy songs by Burna Boy. But from the “African Giant”, we expected more original content.