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‘Who Dey Eat’ was one of those songs that instantly hit the right spots becoming a favorite in no time. There’s something about the track, perhaps it’s the carefree eccentric nature of Joey B’s lines or the general feeling that we can relate with the sentiment embedded in there. 

I expected the video to be fun, light and playful. Shaker and his team went a different route, armed with the truth that ‘sex sells’, Sister Derby, who stares in the video and appears several times (to the point of being the dominant actor) is thrown on a bicycle in a yellow thong and a matching crop top. The cameraman goes in on the thong, showing how it eats into her asscrack, leaving little to imagination. Often scenes like these are meant to trigger conversations and skyrocket views. Over time, we would know if these goals were achieved.

In the meantime, what we do know is, Joey B and Sister Derby were a tad bit playful in the video, the overall video seemed a bit awkward, the colors worked beautifully but the energy the song carries was poorly translated in the video, in my opinion. 

You might think otherwise after watching the video for yourself here..