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Originally a New York University student, Nija Charles rapidly rose to fame, in 2017, after she connected with Andrew Grant from Warner Music. He flew her out to LA and from there, using her songwriting skills, she collaborated with a few producers that conceived “I Do” and “Ring.”

Both songs being top singles off of Cardi B’s acclaimed album Invasion of Privacy, which also features SZA and Kehlani, respectively. To top that, she even wrote two more songs that landed on The Carters latest album EVERYTHING IS LOVE, called “LoveHappy” and “Heard About Us.”

In her interview with FADER, she stresses the importance of being original in her work by saying, “ I usually just go in and make songs based on how I feel. I don’t think about who I’m doing them for, because that pigeonholes me. I try to make songs that I would want to listen to and then afterwards figure out who would sound good on it. Artists always want something that either no one else can do, or something that they’ve never heard before — something different. Me thinking about how an artist would do something is giving them what they’re used to. I’d rather do what I want, and if they like it, they can put their own twist on it.”

She writes about finding her style by saying “ When I listen to songs that I love, I can take a piece from that and it helps me with my writing style. Subconsciously, it creates something new with what I’m doing. From the first day that I started listening to music, everything becomes a new creation.”

This past weekend, The Grammys has since elevated her work as The Carters and Cardi B have both won Grammy’s for their albums, making Nija a Grammy Award Winning Songwriter at just 21. It has only been two years since Nija Charles has begun her professional career in the Music Industry and we can’t wait to see what’s in store in the future for this bright talented woman!