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Coming the 23rd September is an event you do not want to miss. FRD’s EP is a bomb dropping into Achimota to turn up your night and blow your mind. Not convinced?  Here are ten reasons to entice you.

  1. You receive a 1GB Pendrive

A pendrive with a copy of the EP on it would be provided to you for free when you get there. As such, you would be able to listen to the EP at any time, anywhere you want.

2. You get to see FRD on stage. 

With a flow so smooth you could slide on it, lyrics like a poetic masterpiece and a talent for showmanship, FRD is assured to awe his audience at any occasion. Everyone attending the event should get ready to be swept up their feet, vibing to the songs his performance. Don’t believe it? Come see for yourself.

3. You can Socialize with people that matter at the event

Do you want to make some connections that matter? Then head over to the EP release party. An abundance of personalities that matter is assured since only great and well placed people in society are attending.

4. You get to witness history in the making

CDs are a thing of the past. It’s an undeniable truth. CDs are now a dying format that is being used less and less by various artists throughout the world. As a matter of fact, the world renowned rapper Kanye West testified to this fact and even hosted his own ‘funeral’ for CDs.
 In that case, FRD’s EP is announcing the dawn of a new age. His revolutionary concept of releasing his EP on a pendrive is a first worldwide and you can be present for that.

5. You get a Mandie’s taste Cookie

Delicious cookies from the Mandie’s taste bakery will be there to make you go “mmm” in pleasure. A single taste will have you craving for more.

6. You get to party in one of the dopest clubs in town 

 FRD is ready to storm Accra with his brand new EP and the event is taking place in the amazing Cavalli nightclub. The ambiance is perfect for dancing, and making history with FRD.

7. You can purchase some shirts at the venue 

A variety of super fresh T-shirts will be present at the event and can be purchased on the spot. You can get some for yourself or for your bae to remember the night. 

8. You can be on TV! 

The event will be covered and shown on TV so if you want to be on TV head over to FRD’s EP release and show the world who you are. 

9. You get to have a lot of surprises

Who doesn’t like good surprises? You never know what else FRD can spring out of his back. A number of surprises await those present at the event. Come over so you don’t miss out.

10. You may meet the love of your life!!

Who knows what fate has in store for us. You might make a very fortunate encounter at the event. Maybe your soul mate is coming to the event. Do you want to miss that opportunity? Really?

So what are you waiting for? What more do you need? This event is assured to be one you can’t miss. Buy your tickets now!